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Computer Paper VI

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A________________is an icon on the desktop that provides a user with immediate access to a program or file.

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With__________memory , the operating system allocates a portion of storage medium, usually the
hard disk , to function as additional RAM

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A________________is a network that connects Computer and Divices in a limited geographical area, such as home, school computer laboratory, or office building

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Fiber optic cables have all of the following advantages over cables that used wire except_________

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The amount of data, instructions and information that can travel over a communication channel sometimes is called________________

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When a computer sends data over the internet, the data is divided into small pieces, Or __________

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A DBMS uses the_____________to perform validation checks.

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In a database, a(n)_______________field is a field that uniquely identifies each record in a file.

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In database, a(n)________________field is a group of related fields.

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Object (also called ) is a common data type that includes photograph, audio, vedio, or a document in other applications.

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What is the full form of RAM?

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What type of printers are Dot Matrix Printers?

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A Personal Computer (PC) is a Computer.

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What is the capacity of a 3.5" Floppy Disk?

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Who is known as the father of Computer Science?

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Which device is used to process data?

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Which statement is valid?

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Animator, 3D Studio, Corel Draw and Flash are______________

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_______________is used for scanning the pictures and putting them in digitized form in the computer.

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Modulator-demodulator is a device that converts:

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Which program can be used for email?

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The digital signals can be represented by

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Which is a volatile memory?

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Which one is the Low Level Language?

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Which is a valid program to access the Internet?

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Computer Paper VI

Computer Paper VI

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